June 14, 2024

The Skibidi Toilet Phenomenon: How Bizarre Bathroom Heads Are Captivating Gen Alpha


By now, you’ve likely encountered the grotesque heads of Skibidi Toilet serenading from stained porcelain bowls, leaving you wondering if today’s kids are all right.

What started as a few loosely connected YouTube shorts in 2023 has exploded into a phenomenon among children. Even Gen Z is puzzled by the trend, as Gen Alpha leads the charge. Skibidi Toilet has even sparked a moral panic, with many parents suspecting it’s harmful to their children — it just doesn’t feel right. Parenting websites warn against “Skibidi Toilet Syndrome,” while Russian authorities are reportedly investigating its “detrimental effect” on kids.

What Is ‘Skibidi Toilet,’ and Why Is It So Popular?

The phenomenon began with a single YouTube short by animator Alexey Gerasimov, known as “DaFuq!?Boom!,” inspired by a TikTok remix of “Dom Dom Yes Yes” by Biser King. Gerasimov’s short featured a man’s head emerging from a grimy toilet, singing the song — a grotesque image inspired by a recurring nightmare. This short evolved into a series depicting a war between Skibidi Toilets and an army of mechanical men with speakers, screens, and cameras for heads.

While traditional children’s media platforms would never have produced Skibidi Toilet, kids find it deeply compelling. The catchy song and bizarre image create a lasting impression. Growing up in a media-saturated world, Gen Alpha might find such viscerally unpleasant images particularly memorable.

After binge-watching the series with my son, who became a fan via Roblox, I began to understand its appeal. The series tells a story without dialogue, set in a unique world. It features faceless characters with object heads, resonating with the younger generation’s tastes.

Despite some overblown moral panic, the series can be quite violent in a video-game-like way. It’s animated using Source Filmmaker, a 3D animation software by Valve, known for games like Half-Life. Skibidi Toilet is filled with references and assets from Half-Life, adding a layer of familiarity for gamers.

The ‘Skibidi Toilet’ Series Is Incredibly Successful on YouTube

Gerasimov has been prolific since the series took off, crafting shorts that unveil more of the war’s details, becoming increasingly elaborate. He has amassed over 38 million YouTube subscribers, with many videos drawing tens of millions of views, some surpassing 100 million. On TikTok, videos related to Skibidi Toilet have been viewed over 20 billion times.

Gerasimov’s intuitive grasp of internet culture and timing, coinciding with YouTube’s push for Shorts, propelled the series to viral success. Skibidi Toilet has since infiltrated the internet with memes, games, knock-offs, edits, and fan-made content dissecting its lore.

What Is ‘Skibidi Toilet’ Actually About?

The toilets, possibly invasive aliens or a virus, often sport twisted, inhuman smiles. It’s unclear if they are the antagonists, as the conflict has a nihilistic undertone. As the series progresses, the depicted world deteriorates, shifting to the perspective of the Camera Heads in a first-person shooter style.

The Camera Heads, who appear authoritarian and well-resourced, battle the adaptive and resourceful toilets that repurpose broken machinery. The series subtly comments on surveillance culture through the men with camera heads, though the exact implication remains ambiguous.

Fans theorize that the Skibidis spread their “virus” via song, representing a clash between traditional media (film and TV) and new media (internet content and memes). Gerasimov plans to take time to reach a planned ending, with recent episodes introducing parasitic toilets and Godzilla-like mechanical men inspired by Attack on Titan.

Though baffling to parents who grew up on Saturday morning cartoons, the endless war of Skibidi Toilet isn’t too different from He-Man, G.I. Joe, or Transformers. It’s an online phenomenon born from the chaos of internet culture, where remixes and eroded context spark surreal imagery.

Someday, Gen Alpha might even look back on Skibidi Toilet with nostalgia.

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