June 14, 2024

Crack Today’s NYT Connections with Expert Tips and Hints (May 20)

NYT Connections

Connections, the latest word game from The New York Times, has captivated players with its challenge of finding “common threads between words.” Much like Wordle, Connections refreshes at midnight with increasingly complex puzzles, so we’ve provided some hints and tips to help you conquer today’s game.

If you prefer to see today’s solution directly, skip to the end of this article for May 20’s Connections answers. Otherwise, read on for some clues, tips, and strategies to help you solve it on your own.

What is Connections in NYT Connections?

Connections is The New York Times’ newest daily word game sensation, credited to associate puzzle editor Wyna Liu. The game, available on web browsers and mobile devices, challenges players to group four words that share a common theme.

Each puzzle includes 16 words divided into four categories. These categories could range from book titles and software names to countries and more. While multiple words may seem to fit together, there’s only one correct grouping. Correctly grouped words are removed from the board. Players can make up to four mistakes before the game ends.

To aid in spotting connections, players can shuffle the board. Each group is color-coded by difficulty: yellow is the easiest, followed by green, blue, and purple. Like Wordle, you can share your results with friends on social media.

Today’s Connections Categories: Hints

Need a nudge without seeing the exact categories? Try these hints:

  • Yellow: Magical effect
  • Green: Person controlled by another
  • Blue: Hero’s colorful wear
  • Purple: Creators of high-octane films

Today’s Connections Categories

Still stuck? Here are today’s specific categories:

  • Yellow: Sorcerer’s Output
  • Green: One Being Manipulated
  • Blue: Classic Superhero Wear
  • Purple: Action Movie Directors

Ready for the Answers?

This is your last chance to turn back and solve the puzzle on your own. Here are today’s Connections answers:

  • Sorcerer’s Output: CHARM, HEX, MAGIC, SPELL
  • One Being Manipulated: INSTRUMENT, PAWN, PUPPET, TOOL
  • Classic Superhero Wear: CAPE, MASK, TIGHTS, UNDERWEAR
  • Action Movie Directors: BAY, CARPENTER, SCOTT, WOO

Don’t worry if you didn’t get it this time.

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